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BryceBlog is live!

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Bryce BallI think the Bryce-loving community needs a blog. A place where we can share our thoughts and get (and make) comments. Not a private blog where the blogger shares trivialities ad nauseum, but a community where people can get help, advice, share opinions and contribute meaningfully to the blog.

 With that in mind I present to you BryceBlog. It is no relationship to this blog, this one (heaven forbid) or even this one. In fact Gooooogle'ing through 5 screens of the search results from BryceBlog, Bryce Blog, Bryce Software Blog, Bryce Blog DAZ came up empty. So I think I can presume that Bryce does not have its own blog.

More news from this side of the fence at a later stage. 

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  2. By Rose on Feb 8, 2009

    Come to think of it I don’t think I have ever seen a blog devoted entirely to the Bryce 3D program although I have seen some 3d-related blogs – including my own.

    I currently have Bryce 5 – I got it as a free download and I just love this program! I haven’t found my niche yet but its fun learning the program.

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