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webguyOn the Internet, I am a reclusive hobbit called Hamfast, who likes potatoes, all green growing things and playing with Bryce, Hexagon and who has a consuming passion for JRR Tolkien. In reality I am a retired medical illustrator who has drifted into the dubious job of manager/network guru/computer security advisor and general IT "expert" of the Faulty of Health Sciences for a local university. I am reclusive in nature – like my Internet alter-ego, and prefer spending time in my garden, with my wife and our only child, Christopher, who is almost 11 years old. Playing with computers is a hobby, as is my artwork, but that is all laid out in detail on my website on Bryce-Alive.org.

So forgive my paranoid nature by enforcing registration before you can comment on the BryceBlog. With the latest update to WordPress, I have a lot more protection from spammer comments and thus I have elected for now to reduce the security level for the blog to allow you all to comment. Let us keep an eye on it and see what transpires. At the first sign of the Blog becoming a comment spam target, I will put other measures in place.

On a more exciting note, if you would like to become a "real" contributor to the Blog and post you own articles on our beloved software – Bryce – then please contact me and we can set up something. We already have the famous Bryce enthusiast – Rosemary Regan – and I have had some interesting mail from others with all sorts of comments and suggestions. These will be integrated into the blog as soon as I have obtained permission to post them.

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  2. By Rose on Jul 17, 2009

    Its always great to read about others – especially when they share some of the same likes as you do. It’s great finding out more about you!

  3. By Chris on Aug 19, 2010

    Had an idea for a post. I used to use Bryce back in the day (10 years ago). I recently upgraded my machine to an i7 with 6GB of ram.

    Do you have any advice for rusty ex-brycers like myself and any hints for getting the best out of newer machines. I tried rendering up some old .brc’s with Bruce 7 PLE and wasn’t too impressed by the speed. Or maybe I am just not as patient as I was in my youth with my Pentium 133mhz and AMD K6-2 systems.

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