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IBL Light Probes for Bryce 6 – Set 1

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Although Bryce 6 has the ability to use HDR Probe files for IBL (Image-Based Lighting), there is a general scarcity of content from DAZ3D and its merchants of IBL Probes. So with Rosemary Regan’s help and tutorials, I have created a few collections of probes and are making them available for download for you to use in your images.

As far as I know the original images were created in the public domain, but if there are any copyright issues the copyright remains the property of the originator of the image.


  1. 2 Responses to “IBL Light Probes for Bryce 6 – Set 1”

  2. By Thunderstone on Mar 23, 2009

    Thanks a heap! Now I can create more scene using more IBLs

  3. By Corrie on Mar 24, 2009

    Thanks so much!
    I can’t find the time to make probes myself, so this is a big help! 🙂

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