Missing images in HDRI mini-tutorial

I have been informed that there are pictures missing from one of the postings (mini-tutorials) made by one of our authors. It seems that the links are pointing to an old host and the files are now missing. I will sort it out with the author and fix the post as soon as possible. Thanks to those who pointed it out!

Creating HDRI images

Rosemary Regan recently provided BryceBlog with an excellent mini-tutorial about creating HDRI (for IBL) in Bryce, a brief but good document that I will definitely refer back to time and time again.

If you get to the point of doing the conversion into the “probe” format HDRI – which is the only format Bryce 6 can understand – and you don’t know what to do in HDRIshop then take a look at this tutorial that I have bookmarked. It helped me a lot, and scouring through the tutorials that are available at Bryce-Tutorials.info, it clinched the whole conversion process for me.

It would be nice to see some renders albeit experimental renders to see Rosemary’s discoveries and the Bryce 6 tutorials in action. I will do the honors over the weekend to get the ball rolling!

Getting HDRI files to work with Bryce…

Getting HDRI files to work with Bryce…

Bryce 6 has the ability to use Real-World Lighting via HDRI (High Dynamic Range Images) for renders via the new IBL menu inside the Sky Lab. However Bryce 6 comes with only a few HDRI files that you can open in the Sky Lab. (10 when I last counted) so searching for HDR files on the web to get a few more options is a natural tendency of any Bryce-geek like myself!

I soon found out that some .HDR files didn't work and Bryce told me that they had to be in "probe" format. This page confirmed my findings, and I proceeded to get HDRShop and start the process… The image on the left is a Latitude/Longitude Format HDR and will not work in Bryce 6. The 2nd image is the Spherical/Probe/Mirror Ball Format HDR and is the only format that Bryce 6 accepts.

Latitude-Longitude Map

[Note: The link to the HDRShop v1.0 page at the USC Institute for Creative Technologies is no longer working, but I did find that the direct link to the executable to still work. The following link also works but you have to fill in your details before the download will start.] 

The tutorial at the USC Institute for Creative Technologies is pretty simple to follow and can be used to convert those HDR. files to a Bryce 6-compatible format.

One of the biggest problem I found was getting a program to view the HDR files. Photoshop apparently can do it, but I don't own Adobe Photoshop, but I did find a freeware viewer called HDRView that does the trick. It is pretty old and primitive but it works!.

 At least I can convert existing HDR files into something that Bryce 6.0 can understand…