“Zero” Files

Why have a single Default file when you can have as many as you like?
As you just learned from the "D’ fault with the default!" post you can save a new default file by overwriting the standard Bryce default .br6 file with new settings…but that’s just one file. Do you "always" want to start at the same place? What if you want to do a "Tall Abstract" image? Your new .br6 file won’t be of any help unless you change your .br6 file to the new settings…then every time you open Bryce those will be your new default settings. So how do you get around this?

Create some "Zero Files"…

You want to do an Abstract?

Set up the scene and cameras and everything the way you want then save it as – 0Abstract.br6.
You could have multiple Abstract defaults…such as – 0AbstractTall.br6 – 0AbstractWide.br6 …you get the picture.
Do the same for other scene layouts…Model building…Terrain creator…Seamless Tile maker…Whatever.
Give them a name and slap a "0" (zero) in front of the name.

Why add the zero?

The zero will move all those special default files you create to the beginning of the list of files when you click "open" on the Bryce interface. So now when you open Bryce it will still open the "Default.br6" file…but now all you have to do is click "open" and you will have a list of all your special defaults…easy to find and ready to go.