Nano-previewOne of my biggest gripes with Bryce (since Bryce3D) the its inability of the program to resize or configure the all-important Nano-preview. It has remained at its default 80X60 pixel size (at a 4:3 ratio) making it somewhat useless. OK it does render quickly (if you don't have some CPU-killing texture or rendering setting going) but its inability to resize or at least change its aspect ratio for those portrait format images is the main reason for it being useless!

Create a portrait-format image and it will display it correctly in the main editing area, but the bottom third will be cut off in the nano-preview!

Now you can use the Space bar to drag the various palettes all over the screen, but the Nano-Preview remains firmly attached to the top of the left hand palette. Imagine if you could resize and detach the Nano Preview to another place on the screen? Ahh, but I can dream now can't I?