An addition to this blog entry, care of Mark (aka Lakotariver), via Rosemaryr.

A few clarifications on the instructions given within Bryce itself:
1. Locate the file “Bryce6 Links” in your Bryce folder*.
*(Usually located under the main Bryce6 folder on your computer. Example: “C:\Program Files\DAZ\Bryce6.1\Bryce6 Links.txt” , or wherever you put your own folders and files for Bryce).

2. Open this folder** with a text editor.
**[should read “file”, ie. “Bryce6 Links.txt”]

3. Type in a (new) link name as you want to see it in the menu, followed by a comma (,) and two spaces, then on the same line type the URL in quotation marks such as “”

4. To place a separator between links, type a dash between quotation marks (”-”)

5. Save the file to replace the existing one.

You can replace the links that are there, or add new ones.

Now, *why* go to all this trouble?

There are a number of tutorial sites or packages which you may likely wish to access while you are using Bryce. This opens such in a new window which can be constantly referred to as you work.
The links you create do not necessarily *have* to be to the Internet…you can also access tutorials which you have saved to your own computer. Just use the file location path as the link URL. Simple. For those who do not have high-speed connections, this is a way to view those tutorials that you have saved to your computer. Some of these tutorials come as a package along with full Bryce scenes, for you to work with and explore: DAZ sells the “Bryce Masters’ Series” which includes “Smoke and Mirrors”, “Cloud City”, “the Block” and “Great Hall”.
Other tutorials are also available on the web.

Thanks to Mark (aka Lakotariver) for high-lighting this little used function of Bryce 6 in the discussion forums at DAZ.


And here are some informational and tutorial links to try out: