dragdrop Believe it or not there is a use for your desktop shortcut to Bryce 5 or 6 – apart from cluttering up your screen real estate!

You can do a quick render by simply dragging any Bryce scene file icon (.br5 or .br6) onto the Bryce 5 or 6 desktop shortcut.

It will load Bryce, render the file and save it in the same directory as your scene as a .BMP bitmap.

A very neat little “trick” that Susan Kitchen’s taught me.

It has a few restrictions however. Firstly you have to set up your document size, and any other rendering options and save it with the scene file before you do  the drag-and-drop render, otherwise it will do a default render.

Secondly it saves the file only as a .BMP. You will have to bring it into your favorite image editing program to save or convert it in your preferred format.

Thirdly (and this is my biggest gripe) is that in Bryce 6 it only renders one file at a time. You cannot drag a number of files onto the shortcut and expect them to all render. This trick used to work with Bryce 5.0 but DAZ broke this in Bryce 6 it seems! I could be wrong, but I have never got it to work in Bryce 6.1.